With fuel prices remaining high and margins on the street shrinking, how can a station maximize its bottom line? How can it increase margins at the street while remaining price competitive? Is there a way to control credit card processing costs? Is it possible to do all of this and increase customer retention?

Very simply, YES! VP Racing Fuels provides flexibility, transparency, and additional revenue streams that will result in increased traffic to your stores. VP provides a branding program that allows marketers to source the lowest fuel prices in their region. The flexibility at the rack allows increased margins at the street versus the major brands. Combine flexible fuel sourcing with the lowest and most transparent credit card pricing (interchange + $.015 per transaction), and you have a recipe for fiscal efficiency. Roughly translated, you’ll make $.10 - $.50 more per 20 gallon fill-up. At 70,000 gallons per month, additional revenue to your bottom line is $350 - $1,750. Can a major brand deliver that?

Lastly, how can a station add additional profit centers and increase customer retention?   The answer is through VP’s product offerings. VP Racing Fuels offers many additional revenue streams through products like VP100, an unleaded street legal race fuel. VP also offers “Madditives,” performance additives that provide the everyday driver with improved performance and increased mileage. These and other VP products—ranging from “VP Small Engine Fuel” to VP’s 5-Gallon “Motorsport Containers” and more—will increase traffic, customer retention, and most importantly……..profit!  

Please visit our website at www.vpracingfuels.com for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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