Chemical Inventory and Production Specialist, Darryl Zoblosky

It’s highly likely that most every can, pail, or drum of VP Racing Fuels has been handled by Darryl Zoblosky at some point during the blending and production process.  Darryl’s day-to-day duties are some of the most critical at VP Racing Fuels.  Darryl manages incoming and distribution of the raw bulk chemicals that enter the plant along with blending many of the fuel products VP offers.  You could say that Darryl is the backbone of VP Racing Fuels' quality and consistency.  Darryl works 50hr+ weeks on average and has never had a fuel measure off spec at NHRA, ALMS, etc.

Twenty-four years ago, Darryl started out drumming fuel in the warehouse and loading box trucks.  Now, he’s busy keeping inventory, ordering bulk chemicals, blending all fuels, loading and unloading tank trucks and rail cars.  Darryl is proficient at moving chemical around where it needs to go keeping production costs down and keeping everyone safe at the same time.  Incoming chemicals are not accepted if they do not meet Darryl’s strict requirements.

Darryl’s a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife of 26 years and his two daughters.  If he’s not hunting, you might catch him wheeling around on his Harley Davidson Dyna.  It’s employees like Darryl that make VP Racing Fuels the legend in quality that it has become.  The next time you’re thinking about choosing a fuel, think about the dedicated employees working at VP like Darryl Zoblosky.