VP Racing Fuels may be based in North America but our global reach is extensive and has a strong following in all disciplines of motorsports.

Our heritage may be from drag racing but there’s no better place to start. VP formulas were first developed to produce maximum power in NHRA Pro Stock engines. Our success in that arena led us to become the Official Fuel Supplier to the National Hot Rod Association. Our reputation there led us to fuel the FIA European Pro Stock Champions like Jimmy Alund, Michael Malgrem and many others with our SV05 blend.

From drag racing our products found their way into oval track racing, on asphalt and dirt surfaces, and then into circuit racing in the U.S. and eventually Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. VP fueled the Asian Pacific Rally Champion, Proton Malaysia, on our very popular FIA blend, appropriately named VP Export. In 2014, our latest FIA blend VP-N6 took rally by storm. Tried any? In addition to fuels built to federation standards and regulations we offer a full list of specialty fuels for every use from long term storage and sure starts to making maximum power in dyno shoot-outs.

Our history and our current day success were built on powersports as well. VP has won every significant championship available, having taken the Isle Of Man TT, the Motocross des Nations international championships, AMA Road Racing, AMA SX, MX and GNCC titles. If you race under MotoGP, FIM or ACU regulations we have top performers in stock and ready to go.

Please be sure to review the VP Product Information that has been recently updated to 2015 specifications. If you need assistance with fuel selection, pricing information, to locate a distributor or inquire about becoming one please contact us by phone, email or stop a VP representative trackside.

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