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What jetting changes are required for Q16?

Generally on a single 4-barrel application, 2 to 3 Holley jet numbers richer is sufficient. I have experienced many instances of over jetting with this fuel, where it works great on the dyno, but on the track the car is a pig. What I'm finding is most people are already rich, so when you go up another 2 or 3 jets you are way out of the ballpark. Most applications run best about 2 jet sizes richer from their previous fuel on the track. This is approximately 8% more fuel. If this still seems to be rich, you may need to increase the high speed air bleed .003 or so. This will get you to approximately 6% more fuel volume. This is where I have seen Q16 perform the best. Regarding air fuel ratio, I have seen the best power on a naturally aspirated engine around 12.8 to 1 to 13.3 to 1. This seems a bit on the rich side to me, but the engines like the extra fuel volume. Remember - every engine combination is different. It will take experimentation to get the desired result. All I can guarantee is the horsepower will increase and your ET's will decrease. 

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All VP fuels are available in
5- (19 liter), 15- (56 liter),
30- (113 liter) and
54-gallon (204 liter)
pails and drums except
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Many of the chemicals VP Racing
Fuels sells and distributes are
considered hazardous as defined
by the U.S. Department of
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§§100-185 is required when
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labeling, placarding, appropriate
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Use of Racing Fuel
in California
In California (as in other states),
leaded and unleaded racing fuel
is legal for use only in racing
vehicles, not on a public
highway. The only fuel sold by
VP Racing Fuels which is legal
for street use or non-competition
uses in the State of California is
Streetblaze 100 ethanol enriched
Phase III gasoline. With that one
exception, all of VP’s racing fuels
are only legal  for use in a
competition vehicle not used on
public highways. The racing fuels
may not be used for recreational
offroading or other
non-competition uses.

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