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How long can I leave Q16 in my fuel cell between uses?

I recommend that you drain the fuel out of the car if it is going to sit more than a week. Not because of gumming or corrosion of the fuel system, but because of the oxygen and the fuel evaporating. This fuel is made up of many light materials, and it will evaporate quickly. You spent good money for this performance part. Keeping it fresh will ensure a more consistent result. In a perfect world, you should drain it every night. This won't happen if you're like me, because we racers are lazy (haha). If you have an aluminum cell, you can cap the vent and it should be fine for week to week storage. I do not recommend storing this fuel or any fuel in a plastic jug or container. Keep it in a sealed VP drum and it will stay good indefinitely.

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information regarding
 local dealers in
your area

All VP fuels are available in
5- (19 liter), 15- (56 liter),
30- (113 liter) and
54-gallon (204 liter)
pails and drums except
where noted.

Many of the chemicals VP Racing
Fuels sells and distributes are
considered hazardous as defined
by the U.S. Department of
Transportation. Compliance with
the regulations of DOT 49 CFR
§§100-185 is required when
shipping or transporting these
chemicals, including marking,
labeling, placarding, appropriate
shipping papers, and training.

Use of Racing Fuel
in California
In California (as in other states),
leaded and unleaded racing fuel
is legal for use only in racing
vehicles, not on a public
highway. The only fuel sold by
VP Racing Fuels which is legal
for street use or non-competition
uses in the State of California is
Streetblaze 100 ethanol enriched
Phase III gasoline. With that one
exception, all of VP’s racing fuels
are only legal  for use in a
competition vehicle not used on
public highways. The racing fuels
may not be used for recreational
offroading or other
non-competition uses.

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