DSPORT Magazine decided to put VP’s unleaded fuels to the test to see what performance gains could be achieved over premium pump gas.   The results would make any performance hard part sick with envy!

Much headway has been made with the formulation of unleaded performance fuels.  But just how good are they?  Knowing that fuel quality is a key factor in determining an engine’s performance, DSPORT Magazine decided to find out by putting VP’s unleaded fuels to the test on the dyno using its project R35 GTR..

Starting with 91 octane pump gas for a baseline, the GTR generated 508 hp and 521 ft-lbs of torque. From there, DSPORT drained the GTR’s tank and filled it up with VP100 racing fuel.   At the same boost level as the pump gas tested, VP100 demonstrated a complete improvement across the power band with horsepower peaking at 538.4 (a +30.4 HP increase) and torque showing an even larger improvement, gaining 60 ft-lbs!

Again, keeping the same settings, DSPORT tested VP’s MS109 race fuel compared to the pump gas baseline and saw a 43 HP gain. Compared to VP100’s results, MS109 made 13 more horsepower!

Technical questions about VP100, MS109 and VP’s other unleaded performance fuels can be directed to VP’s tech support staff, listed HERE.

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