Program to Assist Gas Stations, C-Stores, and Race Fuel Dealers Fund Conversion Costs and Equipment Purchases

VP Racing Fuels announced a partnership with Allied Brand Services, LLC (ABS), a specialty finance platform to provide funding in support of imaging and conversion costs incurred by gas station and convenience store Dealers that partner with VP in its Retail Branding Program, as well as other VP partners.  VP spun off a majority of the equity interest to the Cerminaro Group, LLC, which will independently manage this specialty finance platform.  ABS will initially focus on serving the retail petroleum distribution market and has been designated VP’s preferred lender.

ABS provides up to 100% financing for Dealer imaging and conversion loans, including the cost of canopy/signage materials, LED signage, permits, construction and installation.  ABS will provide both loan and lease options, as well as offer low monthly payments with up to 60-month terms, minimal upfront costs and competitive interest rates, coupled with a long-term relationship philosophy.

“This specialty financing program is not restricted to our Branding partners,” Cerwick added.  “Race fuel distributors, dealers, race tracks and others who partner with VP, as well as non-VP related dealers and distributors are also eligible to receive the favorable rates and terms offered by ABS.”

ABS also intends to partner with original equipment manufacturers to offer comprehensive vendor financing programs on fuel dispenser equipment; credit card readers; POS systems; PCI equipment; and other related in-store equipment.

For more information about the ABS financing program, contact VP at  210-635-7744 or