As the global leader in performance fuel technology, VP continues helping their customers win in both the racing industry as well as emerging markets for VP’s newest consumer product lines. Continuing its strong pursuits in the Outdoor Power Equipment market, success stories from expert users are beginning to develop that prove VP is on its path to becoming the leading authority in 2 & 4-stroke fuel solutions for tools.

Over the past year VP has formed several strategic alliances with engine technology legends, marketing champions and top tier application experts in the outdoor power equipment industry. Recently, VP began its new affiliation with Bailey's Pro Staff and training team of professional chainsaw experts.  Led by Nik Bailey, North American logging and forestry icon, this team of Pros offers high-end professional training for all types of tree care and forestry demands. Rounding out the crew are Tree Climbing Champions like Chris Bruner and Jaret Abrojena as well as Precision Felling Expert, David Perkins.  

Through this relationship, VP is gaining a wealth of knowledge, industry credibility, as well as product validation in a manner that is similar to how its race fuel tech staff works with world-class engine builders and race teams. 

Recently, California's Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) attended a Bailey’s Pro Staff training session with their entire division of emergency storm responders. They participated in classroom (instructor led) and practical hands-on training.  According to Patty Fye, PG&E coordinator and training attendee, the training was, “completely amazing and transformational.” 
Expert and product advocate, David Perkins described during the classroom sessions with PG&E the reasons for why he uses nothing but VP Small Engine Fuels products in his tools. Once classroom sessions were complete, students were able to understand Perkins’ product endorsement in the hands-on section of the course.  The group used their personal saws so many of these units were running pump gas. According to attendees, one saw did not start even with over 50 pulls on the recoil starter. It supposedly had fresh fuel in it, but would not turn over. 

According to Fye, the class went back inside and Perkins helped them test the pump gas with a “fancy fuel analyzer." Turns out the gas in the tank was only 61% volatile and contained 6.6% ethanol (not ideal), but in most cases it should have started.   

“We dumped it out, and with no adjustments or cleaning, poured VP Pro-Max 97 fuel in the unit. People took bets on if it would start with just a simple fuel change.  Most did not think it would.  Well low and behold the saw started on the second pull and the owner said later that day that his saw hadn't run like that since it was new,” said Fye. 

“We learned so much that day – from safety, productivity and maintenance to best practices. Bailey's team of pros left us feeling like chain saw champions and small engine experts. Our transition to VP fuels from pump gas was an easy move...once we had the right information to make an informed decision,” stated the now happy VP customer and product advocate. Stay tuned to for a new testimonials section and news on upcoming training and success stories.