Clusters of Stations in D/FW, Oklahoma City Accelerate the Pace

While VP has seen small clusters of rebranded stations emerge during the rollout of its retail branding program, t he I-35 corridor has proven particularly fertile territory. TMT, Inc. will have nine of its “Whip In” convenience store locations in the D/FW market rebranded as “VP” by May while E-Express is scheduled to begin rebranding stores in Oklahoma City this year as the first wave of 40 VP-branded stores to be completed by 2017.   In addition, Mercury Fuels in Connecticut is on tap for multiple sites in the Northeast and D&D Energy Group, currently the largest Sunoco distributor in the Southeast, plans to begin rebranding multiple locations this year.  

Mike Frank, president of TMT, Inc. is excited about the advantages VP brings to his business.   “ My decision to go with the VP retail brand was easy – VP’s professional yet edgy image gives me the ability to separate my business from the competition and be unique in a market where everyone is the same and no one stands out.  

“Secondly, because VP is well known by racers and performance enthusiasts nationwide, my stores become a magnet for fresh new business,” Frank added.   “New business means increased gallons and profits.   Lastly, the VP branded program focuses on reducing my expenses associated with fuel purchasing and credit card processing.   Creating higher margins in these two areas are critical elements to the success of TMT Inc. The VP retail brand puts my business in the best position to compete at the highest level!”

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