What has VP been doing the past few months to bring their brand to the street?

      • VP partnered with a highly reputable national sign company with a long history in rebranding.  The outcome is among some of the highest quality images for a lower cost than most major brands in the industry.

        • VP established a Credit Card Program that is flexible, able to handle any POS interface and has the lowest processing fees in the industry (even lower than major brand oil companies).

        • VP added the In-Dispenser Additive System to their program.  VP will provide one direct injection dispenser, dispensing its custom top-of-the-line chemical additives, at no cost to the dealer!

        • VP added a financing program allowing distributors the ability to finance image costs on a 7-year basis with Patriot Capitol.

        • VP was a Platinum Sponsor at the highly regarded SIGMA fall conference where the image was displayed to industry professionals for the first time.

        • VP added the "Mad Scientist" to its station design, signifying power adding products to customers seeking higher octane gasoline or performance additives. "For More Power, Look for the Mad Scientist!"


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