With growing competition in the unleaded performance arena - VP introduced two new unleaded, nonoxygenated race fuel blends in December -- C20™ and  VP Unleaded Extreme™ -- with each offering significant performance gains over other unleaded fuels on the market, according to Jason Rueckert, VP’s Regional Manager-Midwest.  “As with any VP fuel, C20™ is best in class, but you could say  VP Unleaded Extreme™ is in a class by itself!"

“C20 is an improvement on VP’s popular C10™ race fuel with increased power and torque, along with a significantly higher octane rating of 103 (R+M/2) for better detonation protection,” said Rueckert.  “It can handle 30 lbs of boost and compression ratios up to 12:1, plus its RVP is higher for better vaporization in naturally aspirated engines.”

With its higher octane, C20 also will work well in intercooled, forced induction as demonstrated in testing by John Wiker at Johnny Lightning Performance with a supercharged Ford truck.   “We had been running Shell URT and making 700 Hp to the wheels with 24 lbs of boost with a 2.8 Kenne Bell Supercharger,” said Wiker.  “When we switched to VP’s C20, it allowed us to advance our timing two degrees and picked up 15 Hp.  C20 also reduced the black smoke we’d been emitting before.  With URT our best run was 9.89, but after making some modifications and switching to C20, we set a personal record in testing with a 9.59 at 143 mph.  This achievement was due, in large part, to C20.  It worked flawlessly!”

“With VP Unleaded Extreme, our Mad Scientist has  created the ‘be all, end all’ of unleaded, non-oxygenated racing fuels,” Rueckert said.   “It was developed to kick the butt of every other unleaded race fuel and it does.  It’s the best, so it's expensive, but still among the cheapest performance gains you can buy.”

“VP Unleaded Extreme can be used with lots of boost or naturally aspirated, or as a ‘concentrate’ to mix with other unleaded fuels to increase the performance and octane,” Rueckert continued.  “With a  Motor Octane (MON) rating of 110 –  5 points higher than any competitive fuel company’s highest rated unleaded fuel – its detonation protection is unparalleled.  Whether you want to mix it or run it straight, this is the best unleaded fuel on the planet!”

For any dealer with a customer base currently using or considering unleaded racing fuels -- in particular when fuel rules require a nonoxygenated fuel -- C20 and VP Unleaded Extreme are clearly worth a look.