With over 20,000 users in the tree care industry, VP-SEF has turned some of its marketing focus on promoting to these high-volume commercial users.   VP-SEF even introduced a product recently, Pro-Max 97, that’s tailor-made for professional grade outdoor power equipment.   Pro-Max was tested in extreme heat, elevation and atmospheric conditions to excel in achieving more torque and performance than competitive fuels.   Growing the commercial business for VP’s dealers and distributors has already achieved some success with key accounts such as Pro Action Tree Specialists, Signature Tree Care Services and Bartlett Tree Experts.

Chris Bruner, owner of Pro Action Tree Specialists and 17-year veteran in the tree care industry claims, “VP-SEF has by far been the most valuable fuel I have ever run through my chainsaws.”   Since the adoption of the VP-SEF product line, Pro Action has experienced far less equipment breakdowns which in their business equates to lost time on projects and high maintenance costs.   Bruner added, “I no longer have to worry about ethanol tearing up the plastic parts on our saws and whether new employees mixed their fuel right.”

Given the widespread use of outdoor power equipment among homeowners, commercial businesses, as well as local and state emergency officials, the need for a reliable fuel is in growing demand.   Signature Tree Care Services Owner, Curtis Fosnaugh, commented, “I know when I put the equipment away on the shelf for a period of time, it will start right up when I need to use it.”   Fosnaugh, who has been in the tree care industry since 1998, has 9 to 12 guys a day out in the field using power equipment.   Never once has he encountered a problem when using VP-SEF products.