VP Racing Fuels announces yet another benefit to its fuel station branding program!   VP’s excited to work with Televent DTN who will provide a reporting tool for credit card transactions designed to simplify back office accounting for distributors.   This partnership is another way VP is providing value to its customers and is projected to be a significant milestone in VP’s industry changing retail brand solution.

DTN reporting allows a distributor to customize daily settlement reporting based on accounting software, and accounting preferences.   In doing so, reconciliations and data entry time is significantly reduced.   When dealing with multiple locations, DTN provides a consolidated, easy- to-read option that traditional credit card companies cannot provide.

If you are already using DTN, you are familiar with the simplicity and power it provides.   VP seeks to eliminate any hurdles for distributors looking to grow through its brand.   At VP Racing Fuels, we are constantly “Makin’ Power” for our customers.   There is no one in the industry that can provide a distributor more ways to make more money than VP RACING FUELS. Join us…… or get passed up!

For more information about VP’s branding program, contact:

Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or ted.tritt@vpracingfuels.com

Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster - 210-784-6708 or matt.schuster@vpracingfuels.com

South Central/West
Bryan Noonen - 210-289-6000 or bryan.noonen@vpracingfuels.com