Lower Costs, Increased Sales and Profit Bring Rave Reviews From Retail Partners

Two new partners have joined VP’s retail brand program -- Excel Fuels, one of the largest independent petroleum distributors in Oklahoma, and Davidson Oil, which distributes throughout Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Oklahoma City-based Excel plans to convert each of its 11 corporate-owned E-Express locations to the VP brand with 29 independent locations to follow.  In addition to converting retail sites, Davidson will work with VP to activate its program with Wayne dispensers.

Neal Do, President of Excel Fuels, LLC, and Jon Lutz, VP of Sales & Marketing for Davidson Oil, were quick to grasp the advantages of VP’s branding program.  “The first thing that caught my attention about VP’s program was the option to buy fuel on the open market, which saves us $.08-.10 per gallon and makes us much more competitive,” said Do.  “At the first station we converted, these savings enabled us to match the price of a super independent we compete with and we’ve already seen a 30% increase in gallons.  Not only are we making more money per gallon, we’re selling more gallons.”

“VP’s brand also helps differentiate our sites from the competition with a premium look, a premium reputation, and race fuels that are the fuel of choice for performance enthusiasts,” Do said.  “VP’s race fuel blends represent an additional profit center for our dealers and are something no other brand can offer.  In addition, VP’s credit card fees are the lowest in the industry which, at one of our stations, has saved more than $2000 per month.”

Lutz added, “VP’s retail brand program has so much going for it, in particular its low credit card rates, its flexibility around fuel supply, its fierce brand loyalty among performance enthusiasts and racing communities.  We anticipate these communities will create the core demand for VP’s race fuels, VP Small Engine Fuel and Madditive performance chemicals, each of which will create new revenue streams for station owners.”

Others have joined the chorus of praises for the “magic formula” VP’s “Mad Scientist™” has found for making VP’s retail partners more competitive, including more gallons, bigger margins and increased profits. 

“I just have to say ‘Wow!’  I had no idea there were so many customers looking for race fuel and VP performance products,” said Mike Frank, owner of TMT, Inc., which converted nine stations in Dallas, Texas to the VP brand earlier this year. “Sales are up at every store we branded VP, but what really amazed me was the extremely loyal following of the people looking for VP products. This has opened up an entirely new revenue stream that no other company in the industry has any idea about. What’s exciting from a retailer's point of view is the combination of high ring and high margin. Plus, the products pretty much sell themselves.”

“In terms of sales one of our stores has actually doubled its volume while the smallest sales increase we’ve seen is 10% at two locations where each had new Quik Trips open just down the street. Now my biggest concern is staying on top of the stores’ inventory so they don't run out of product!”

“It's a pleasure to team with a brand that is hip, innovative and different,” Frank added. “The idea that a brand is actually interested in helping us make money and not just acting like the gas gestapo is refreshing. It's a pleasure to hear from my VP rep, as I know he's calling with ideas and suggestions as opposed to complaints and nitpicking. I've been in and around this business my whole life and these guys get it.”

For more information about VP’s branding program, visit VPRacingFuels.com/Branding or contact:

Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or ted.tritt@vpracingfuels.com

Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster - 210-784-6708 or matt.schuster@vpracingfuels.com

South Central/West
Bryan Noonen - 210-289-6000 or bryan.noonen@vpracingfuels.com