In its fourth year as an exhibitor at the GIE+Expo, VP Small Engine Fuels achieved increased awareness with some new attractions in its 2 different display areas at the show last month.

Here were the highlights:
“Fuel School” - Small Engine & Tree Care Expert, David Perkins led attendees through a series of disassembled chainsaw engines that had run either pump gas or VP-SEF products in them. 

Many were shocked at what they saw – 3 saws (running VP-SEF) with 3x more hours on them than another saw on display that had been running E10 pump gas, yet the internal components looked flawless on the 600+ hour saws fueled by VP. Cleaner crankcases, superior oil film coating, minimal scuffing, carbon build-ups or corrosion is what several outdoor power equipment dealers, engine manufacturers and landscapers witnessed as David educated the show’s attendees on cutting-edge two stroke small engine technologies and how they react to different fuel blends.
While attendees learned about fuel technology and best practices for small engines, VP’s “Mad Mixologist” served up cold beverages from the fuel dispenser that debuted at the NACS show a few weeks before.

Outdoor Demo Area

According to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, “no longer can anyone pull into a filling station and assume the fuel from the pump is safe and legal for their specific small engines, UTVs and other outdoor power equipment.”  To address this industry concern and to stimulate endorsements from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), VP hauled its 53-foot fuel semi to Kentucky to conduct a fuel & additive sponsorship for GIE+Expo demo booths. Manufacturers were very responsive and VP product was used and displayed in numerous outdoor booths at the show. VP looks forward to ongoing discussions with OEMs that participated and leveraging their testimonials and product recommendations to further strengthen the need for equipment users to seek out VP products from its dealer & distributor network.