VP is introducing four new performance chemical products to round out the Madditive product line.   In addition to VP’s Fuel System Cleaner and Power Boost announced last quarter, VP is adding “Octanium™” Octane Improver and “Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Shield™” for gasoline fuels, along with “Diesel All-in-One” Fuel Conditioner and “Cetanium™” Cetane Improver for diesel fuels.   Each will be available for order in January 2014.  Each Madditive is engineered to improve performance in automotive applications as well as improve your bottom line. 
  • Octanium is an octane concentrate for off-road use that increases octane up to 6 numbers, reduces knocking and pinging, cleans fuel injectors and improves throttle response and acceleration.  One quart bottle treats up to 10 gallons. 
  • Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Shield” is designed to prevent problems caused by ethanol-blended pump gas while keeping fuel stable for at least 3 years.   It prevents build-up of deposits and varnish, helps ensure water attracted by ethanol is enveloped to pass safely through the fuel system, and extends engine life.   Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Shield is available in an 8 oz. bottle which treats up to 80 gallons.
  • Diesel All-in-One Fuel Conditioner reduces regenerative burn cycles and DEF usage, cleans injectors and pumps, cleans sludge deposits, replaces lost lubrication and improves mileage. Available in 24 oz. bottles, it treats up to 240 gallons.  
  • Cetanium is a cetane concentrate for off road use that increases cetane rating, reduces smoking, replaces lost lubrication and improves mileage.   One 32 oz. bottle of Cetanium treats up to 10 gallons.  
For more information or to order VP Madditives, contact VP Consumer Products Sales Consultant, James Rugg at 210.860.9868 or james.rugg@vpracingfuels.com , or your VP Regional Distribution Center listed online at VPRacingFuels.com/ContactUs.html .