Keeping new nitro customers happy is crucial for growing the market and increasing your bottom line. One of the things that can frustrate them the most is the steep learning curve of proper engine tuning. Today’s nitro engines may have come a long way from the old days, but tuning is still a major source of frustration for many nitro newcomers.

VP/PowerMaster has the answer. Master Basher 20 is a sophisticated blend of the right amount of oil and the right amount of nitro to provide RTR nitro engines with insane power and extremely long life. Let’s face it; new nitro owners are hard on their engines and they need a fuel that can stand up to the mistakes they will make while learning to tune their new engine. Master Basher 20 is designed to have the largest tuning window available to keep even the newest customer in the ‘safe zone’. With such a broad tuning range, Master Basher 20 is undoubtedly the easiest-to-tune fuel on the market.   Couple that with an advanced multi-viscosity extreme pressure additive oil package and you have the ultimate RTR fuel. 

Why should you stock Master Basher 20 in your store?

  • Lowers Warranty Claims – Less wear and degradation of engine parts coupled with ultra-wide tuning window
  • 14% Synthetic & Castor Blend – Multi-viscosity oils are used to increase film strength and extended pressures for “Ready to Run” engines 
  • Advanced protection additive package includes anti-foaming agents, anti-rust and anti-corrosion package -   NO AFTER RUN NEEDED! 
  • DOT approved pressure-tested metal can with an inner lining to prevent corrosion for LONG shelf life
  • Call for Best Pricing – Lowest in the industry for 20% nitro = larger margins  

Happy newcomers = increased sales
  Give them the fuel designed specifically for their needs. Only VP/ PowerMaster can combine this kind of performance, quality and reliability all in one package making Master Basher 20 the best value in a can.

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