VP has just released a brand new product that has never been available before. Fix-It Fuel is a revolutionary formula designed as a one-time treatment to clean and restore fuel systems in 2 & 4-cycle engines damaged by ethanol found in street gas. This 92 Octane, 50:1 gas + oil mix is ETHANOL-FREE and ready to use. Fortified with Mechanic In A Bottle™ fuel system treatment, it cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. Fix-It Fuel is a safe and effective way to clean and restore hard-to-start and non-starting engines before switching to VP Small Engine Fuels ethanol-free fuel, which is designed to keep those problems from happening in the first place. Fix-It-Fuel is amazing and is designed for all 2 & 4 cycle engines including lawnmowers, weedeaters, chainsaws, motorcycles, ATV’s, generators and much more!   
  • Cleans Carburetors & Injectors Without Removal
  • Use First of the Season for Easy Start Up
  • Fixes Ethanol Issues in Pump Gas
  • Safely Cleans Varnish & Carbon Deposits
  • Removes Water that Causes Corrosion
  • Rejuvenates Rubber & Plastic
  • Revitalizes Stale Fuel
  • Reduces Costly repairs & Downtime
  • Ideal Pre-Treatment Before Introduction of VP Small Engine Fuel for Long-Term Prevention of Ethanol Problems