In the last newsletter, we told you about new PowerMix ™ Premium Pre-Mixed Fuel from VP/PowerMaster ®, designed specifically for giant-scale R/C models and initially available in economical 5-gallon pails.   This month (October), VP is introducing a more convenient 1-gallon container to the PowerMix product line.   The new graphics on both containers look great on the shelf and the cans provide extremely long shelf life -- over two years if unopened.   The 1-gallon can is easier to transport and gives the customer a lower cost alternative to try it out, and then get hooked!    

PowerMix is also being supported by two new ads, both featuring champion R/C drivers who depend on VP/PowerMaster.   The ads are currently running in publications targeting giant-scale R/C car, airplane and helicopter enthusiasts and will continue for the next several months.

It’s no question that the ethanol in today’s street gas is the number one enemy of the engine’s fuel system. The engine itself is subject to potential problems from excessive carbon build-up and dirty burn.

The Solution is PowerMix  

PowerMix is an ethanol-free premium performance fuel engineered by the experts at VP Racing Fuels to improve power, increase throttle response and make ethanol-related problems a thing of the past. Your customers spend hard-earned money buying the best engines and equipment. Give them a fuel that will make their giant-scale experience as reliable and powerful as possible.    

PowerMix Offers:

·          NO ETHANOL

·          Increased Power & Throttle Response

·          Ultra-Clean Burn

·          Sufficient Octane to Prevent Detonation

·          Long-Term Stability – Over 2 Years in Sealed Containers

PowerMix is pre-mixed with the highest quality, cleanest burning 100% Synthetic Oil on the market. It substantially reduces carbon deposits and meets or exceeds all manufacturer’s specs, as well as JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, and API TC standards.

Available in 1-gallon cans and 5-gallon pails:

·          50:1 pre-mixed

·          40:1 premixed

·          25:1 premixed

·          Call for specialty blends
No measuring, No mixing, No mess…Just pour it in!
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