VP PowerMaster PowerMix quart containers are now available for shipment. The ‘Fuel-of-the-Future’ for large-scale R/C is PowerMix. Its high-performance NO-ETHANOL formula is what really should be used in today’s hi-performance 2-stroke model engines. It doesn’t take long before E10 (soon to be E15) street gas starts forming deposits and begins corroding your fuel system causing hard starts and poor performance. If you carry large-scale R/C cars, trucks, boats and aircraft, you need PowerMix. Available premixed with hi-performance 100% synthetic oil in blends of 50:1 for most airplanes, 40:1 for some airplanes and hi-performance car/truck applications, and   also 25:1 to satisfy most all engine manufacturer recommendations.

For orders, contact VP PowerMaster Sales:     210.635.7755     
Mike Battaile - mike.battaile@vpracingfuels.com ,    Tommy Porfirio – tommy.porfirio@vpracingfuels.com .

VP PowerMaster PowerMix available in quarts, 1-gal cans & 5-gal pails