VP Participates in Training “Roadshow” with AES & Oregon

Team VP spent three full days at an invitation-only training seminar for AES Lawn Parts dealers a few weeks ago.  AES LawnParts is a leading Midwest distributor of outdoor power equipment, parts and  accessories who started in 1952 and now operate a large enterprise centered in Olathe, Kansas. Like a traveling road show, VP’s ProStaff teamed up with partners from Blount, Inc. (OREGON® Brand) to host 3 different training sessions in three different cities, on three different days!

Over 100 dealers attended, learned about problems with Ethanol in small engines and saw how VP Small Engine Fuels products offer the solution to their customers’ problems. All three meetings included a “fuel school” segment with VP’s resident chainsaw expert, David Perkins with more than 30+ years experience in the industry. There, Perkins showed 4 saw engines disassembled that had been run on different fuels for different durations of time. Many were amazed at the catastrophic failure witnessed after running pump gas in a chainsaw for only 200 hours.

 Toward the end of each session a Q&A segment was offered and when the floor was opened up, a few people in the audience spoke about their successes using VP Racing Fuels. Dealers already carrying VP-Small Engine Fuels mentioned how well the product moved when promoted and how much their customers liked the worry-free performance. 

Charles Nicolas, Sales Manager at AES LawnParts, commented on the training, “Ethanol in pump gas is a growing concern for the industry. It’s not going away and we were very happy to have the folks from VP out there to share their knowledge. It’s certainly obvious why VP is celebrating its 40th year in business. They are truly the experts in what they do.”