VP Introduces T2™ and C50™ Racing Fuels

VP introduced two new fuels designed for 2-stroke riders. T2 and C50 are both pre-mixed with oil and allow riders to pour and hit the track or trail. Both fuels are ethanol-free, so they will not damage sensitive fuel systems.

Designed for today’s modern stock or modified 2-stroke bikes, T2 is pre-mixed at a 40:1. “Compared to premium pump gas, new T2 offers substantial increases in horsepower and torque as well as better throttle response, along with the superior consistency for which VP’s race fuels are famous,” said Steve Burns, VP’s Founder and Director of R&D. 

T2 is a leaded fuel with a 105 octane rating (R+M/2) that provides excellent protection against detonation and precludes the need for octane boosters or other measures required by riders using pump gas to deal with extreme conditions.

C50 is a truly revolutionary racing fuel designed exclusively for 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles. “C50 is the result of extensive testing with Cobra Moto, the premier manufacturer of 50cc bikes,” said Burns. “With this fuel, the same winning technology that powers the top factory Supercross riders is now available to young amateur riders who represent the next generation of champions.”

“In a stock 50, C50 race fuel exceeded expectations,” said Phil McDowell, Chief Engineer for Cobra Moto. "In more than 10 years of testing 50cc motorcycles at Cobra, I’ve tried over 40 different race fuels and this is the first one that works."  

“C50 showed measurable improvement across all performance parameters - more horsepower, more torque and better throttle response,” Burns added. “It also enabled us to achieve a consistent, reliable tune which was eye-opening, given that OEMs have told us they’ve never before had a race fuel for a 50cc bike that worked well every day in varying conditions.”

C50 is unleaded and pre-mixed at 50:1. It will work well in Cobra motorcycles and all other 50cc 2-stroke competitive racing applications.