At recent state petroleum marketing association conferences, the buzz about VP’s Brand Program reached fever pitch.   The unique brand image, reduced expenses and new revenue opportunities offered by VP’s program are not only resonating with distributors but have caught the attention of many more dealers who are anxious to get on board.   With the addition of our newest partners— Sapp Brothers Inc., Leiszler Oil Inc. and Mielke Oil Company—some parts of the country are nearly fully subscribed with the distributors we are seeking.

We also saw the CityStop store in Piedmont, OK come on line as the most recent VP-branded location in the country.   With 30+ more stores in the process of reimaging, the second quarter will see lots of activity.

Upon joining Team VP, Sapp Brothers’ Sales Manager, Doug Coziahr, said, “The VP branded program will put our dealers in a much better position to compete against other unbranded large chains. Among the benefits that sold us were VP’s unique and attractive image, its great credit card rates and the ability to source unbranded fuel for our sites.”

Alison Leiszler Bridges, President of Kansas-based Leiszler Oil Inc., was equally enthusiastic. “The VP branded program focuses on reducing costs associated with fuel purchasing and credit card processing. These two areas are critical elements to the success of Leiszler Oil and more importantly our dealers who depend on us to help them make the right decisions. VP puts us and our customers in a much better position to compete!”

Minnesota-based Mielke Oil was a long-time distributor of VP’s race fuel products before also signing onto the retail brand program.   “VP enjoys a great reputation for quality products in the racing industry and loyalty among performance enthusiasts, which we believe will carry over to consumers outside the performance market as well,” said Doug Mielke, Owner and President.   “By adopting VP’s brand program, we anticipate a boost in sales of VP’s race fuels and performance products as well as street gas, and these increased sales in turn will help us brand more stations.”

We look forward to working with these new partners to grow our brand and rock the industry!

For more information about VP’s branding program, contact:

Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or ted.tritt@vpracingfuels.com

Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster - 210-784-6708 or matt.schuster@vpracingfuels.com

South Central/West
Bryan Noonen - 210-289-6000 or bryan.noonen@vpracingfuels.com