SAN ANTONIO, TX (APRIL 20, 2011) As summer approaches, your racecar, towing vehicle, or performance motorcycle may need to “Cool Down” a bit. Don’t shut it down and park it in the shade, give it the good stuff and keep on Makin’ Power!

As it continues its R&D in performance fuels and alternative fuel technology, VP Racing Fuels is discontinuing its Cool Down product line to allow more focus on specialized fuel blends. Thus VP’s current inventory of Cool Down is now available at a deeply discounted “close-out” price. Purchase Cool Down today while supplies last.

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ABOUT COOL DOWN: VP’s Cool Down radiator additive reduces cooling system operating temperatures by up to 50 degrees. It works great in race cars, their towing vehicles, and in long idling applications.

Cool Down is successful in reducing coolant surface tension while allowing better laminar coolant flow for improved heat transfer. It also lubricates your engine’s “climate-control system” without the crystallization of other coolant additives.

Use 1 bottle of Cool Down per 2.5 gallons of coolant. For motorcycles, use 2 ounces of Cool Down per quart.