VP Racing Fuels introduced CHP+TM, a leaded, oxygenated race fuel that improves on the power and performance of VP’s popular CHP fuel which has dominated dirt tracks for the last 5 years.
"While CHP continues to outperform all other fuels on the market, CHP+ offers up to 10 more horsepower and will stand head and shoulders above the competition,” said Steve Burns, VP’s founder and Director of R&D. “ It’s not the first time we had to kick our own a** while waiting for the competition to catch up!”

“CHP+ will make 20-30 more horsepower than premium pump gas and will also outperform E85 by 5-7%,” Burns noted. “Significantly, CHP requires carrying about 50% less weight in fuel compared to E85.”

“In addition to gains in horsepower and torque, the biggest benefit a racer will see with CHP+ is the ‘wide’ tuning window due to its superior fuel vaporization, which improves fuel distribution and burning speed,” added Burns. “CHP+ has to run 6-8% richer than nonoxygenated fuels which, combined with better fuel distribution, provides even more on-track protection against detonation than its 99 MON rating (107 R+M/2) would indicate. All in all, CHP+ offers the biggest gain vs. cost of any performance part you could put on your car.”

CHP+ is designed for naturally aspirated engines in a wide variety of applications ranging from crate engines to spec engines to open engine combinations. CHP+ will require a modified fuel system and is not recommended for boost or nitrous applications, or for applications with compression ratios over 12.5:1.