VP Racing Fuels Offers C-store Dealers And Fuel Distributors A Branded Program That Is Unmatched In The Industry. 

Over its 37-year history, VP Racing Fuels has built a reputation for superior fuel technology and gained the respect of performance enthusiasts throughout the motorsports industry. VP is now poised to shake up the fuel industry by providing a fresh option to both dealers and fuel distributors who are looking for an alternative branding solution. To help lead this initiative, VP has brought two qualified branding specialists on board—Bryan Noonen and Matt Schuster.

VP expects to leverage the valuable industry expertise Noonen and Schuster both acquired through previous experience at a Midwest-based company where, as part of a licensed brand program, they signed marketers and dealers to expand the organization’s credit card processing and branded C-store business. Prior to this, both also sold payment services at TSYS Merchant Solutions.

“I’m excited about the opportunity VP Racing Fuels is presenting to the industry and the way it’s going about it,” Schuster said.  “I’ve spoken to many customers who have been frustrated by other brand programs that were confusing and didn’t measure up to expectations.  Those customers will find the benefits of VP’s brand program to be clear and unambiguous. M any customers have already told me they find VP’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach refreshing.”  

Candidness will prove not to be the only attractive factor in VP’s new branding program. “VP Racing Fuels is the hottest new fuel brand nationwide,” said Noonen. “Besides an attention-getting, unconventional brand rooted in racing and very popular among performance enthusiasts, VP offers C-store owners and fuel distributors a flexible and transparent branded program that focuses on lowering expenses and providing additional revenue streams.”

“Our new branding program isn’t about just blindly following the industry standard by generating revenue solely for our company,” Noonen added.  “VP’s branded program was designed to help the C-store owner.  Our program focuses on eliminating high fuel cost and offers deep savings on credit card processing with a Visa and MasterCard deal at Interchange plus $.015”.

Schuster and Noonen emphasize VP is adamant on protecting and providing opportunities for its dealers and fuel distributors as well. “The VP branded solution is a value-added resource for dealers and distributors alike.”

Both Matt and Bryan are keenly fixed on helping VP change the standard of the fuel industry.   “It’s exciting to have such a unique program that can take fuel distributors and C-store owners to the next level,” Noonen concluded.  “It’s truly a branded solution unlike any other in the industry.”

VP Racing Fuels is best known as the world leader in performance fuel technology, fueling winners in virtually every racing category and class on land, sea and air.  VP is the Official Racing Fuel of NHRA Championship Drag Racing, American Le Mans, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and Late Model Series and Rally America, among more than 60 VP-sponsored series and sanctioning bodies.

In addition to racing fuels, VP’s product line includes VP Small Engine Fuels for portable 2- and 4-cycle gas-powered tools and PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C racing.  More information is available online at, and

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