Liu Dominates at Byron On-Road Championship With PowerMaster 25%

 VP PowerMaster Fuel 25% dominated the entire 1/8 GT class at the 2014 Byron On-road Challenge (Leisure Hours Raceway) in Joliet, IL with our top 1/8 GT driver Andy Liu.  Liu out-paced the rest of the field from every round of the qualifiers and even set a new track record in the 3rd round of qualifiers at the event.  

According to Liu, “VP PowerMaster 25 performed flawlessly throughout the entire event.”  His engine’s temperature range didn’t stray from 250-260 degrees throughout the entire weekend.  PowerMaster’s tight tolerances and quality blend components also helped Liu capture his 60 minute A-Main first place win. According to Liu, “The only fuel that I can always count on at any major event is VP PowerMaster. It’s championship-grade fuel formulated for champions.” 

Congratulations Andy for an outstanding performance once again!  VP PowerMaster Fuel is proud to be part of your relentless effort of achieving higher levels of winning!