VP Air Race™
VP Air Race is an extremely high octane leaded fuel, designed for Unlimited racers who place enormous manifold pressures on their engines. Air Race has been the Fuel of Choice for Unlimited Gold Race champions at the Reno Air Races for 25 consecutive years.
•    Color: Blue
•    Lean Knock F-3: 127
•    Rich Knock F-4: >160
•    Specific Gravity: .710 @ 60ºF

VP 115/145
This fuel replicates the military blend developed for use in wartime and production aircraft used during WWII.  VP’s 115/145 is the Fuel of Choice for the vast majority of Unlimited competitors at the Reno Air Races.
•    Color: Purple
•    Lean Knock F-3: 115
•    Rich Knock F-4: 145
•    Specific Gravity: .714 @ 60ºF

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All VP fuels are available in
5- (19 liter), 15- (56 liter),
30- (113 liter) and
54-gallon (204 liter)
pails and drums except
where noted.

Many of the chemicals VP Racing Fuels sells and distributes are considered hazardous as defined by the U.S. Department of  Transportation. Compliance with the regulations of DOT 49 CFR §§100-185 is required when shipping or transporting these chemicals, including marking, labeling, placarding, appropriate shipping papers, and training.

Use of Race Fuel in California
In California (as in other states), leaded and unleaded racing fuel is legal for use only in racing vehicles, not on a public highway. The only fuel sold by VP Racing Fuels which is legal for street use or non-competition uses in the State of California is Streetblaze 100 ethanol enriched Phase III gasoline. With that one exception, all of VP’s racing fuels are only legal for use in a competition vehicle not used on public highways. The racing fuels may not be used for recreational offroading or other non-competition uses.

VP Racing Fuels, Inc. is committed to being a good corporate citizen in its worldwide operations, being environmentally responsible, and obeying all applicable laws and regulations. VP encourages our distributors, dealers and customers to also be good citizens and obey applicable laws and regulations in the sale and use of VP products. 

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