NEWARK, DE (February 25, 2010) VP Racing Fuels, in conjunction with officials from the World Racing Group, DIRTcar and the Super DIRTcar Series, today announced the introduction of their exclusive “D” brand spec fuels for mandatory use by all Super DIRTCar teams effective April 1, 2010.

“We had great success implementing the C12, VP110 and Motorsport 109 spec fuels in the U.S. and Canada last year,” said Jim Kelly, Regional Manager for VP, “but in an effort to eliminate the use of mixed or non-compliant fuels and to better track sales which will continue to ensure spec fuel purchase and use, in addition to better managing the year-end track and series awards, together we developed this program for the new season.“

Effective April 1, 2010, Super DIRTCar will require the exclusive use of VP’s D12 fuel for the Big Blocks, the exclusive use of D12, D110 or D109 unleaded for the 358’s,and the exclusive use of D98 for Sportman and Pro Stocks. Mixing or blending of these or other products will not be permitted. Pump gas will not be permitted either.

“Mixing fuels, even if mixing VP spec fuels, creates an issue at inspection. Using pump gas can also complicate fuel inspection as the chemical composition and appearance of pump gas varies from county to county, state to state and even between pump gas available in the U.S. vs Canada, “ said Joe Skotnicki, Competition Administrator for World Racing Group and Director of Series and Sanctions for DIRTcar Northeast. “The implementation of specified fuel products makes inspection efficient, easier to track and speeds up the process for the competitor .”

The “D” fuels are the exact same chemical composition of VP’s “C” or “Motorsport” formulas but to enhance pre-race inspection and post-race analysis, VP has added specific dye colors and chemical agents to ensure the exclusive use of the spec fuels.   For performance and tuning, D12 and D110 are exactly the same in chemical composition as C12 and VP110.   D109 is the same as Motorsport 109 unleaded, with D98 the same as Motorsport 98. These fuels are only produced by VP in Newark, DE.

“D98 was first introduced to Sportsman Modifieds and Pro Stocks at Super DIRT Week in Syracuse last Fall and was a tremendous success in performance and racer satisfaction,” said Bob Dini, Technical Director for DIRTcar Northeast and the Super DIRTCar Series. “We gave everyone in those divisions one fuel to use which put everyone on the same page as far as cost and fuel performance. The engines performed well and many racers thanked us for leveling the playing field. D98 will be mandatory at all tracks for Sportsman and Pro Stocks without exception,” Dini added.

To further enhance the tech inspection process and management of the fuel program, the new “D” fuels will be available only from VP designated trackside vendors, specified VP dealers, or direct from VP’s facility in Newark, Delaware.   Proof of purchase from one of these specified outlets, along with display of VP 5x7” decals on all race cars and the 3x4” VP Racing Fuels logo on driver uniforms will be required during 2010 as specified in the Super DIRTCar rulebook.

“We handed out a significant amount of fuel certificates at the banquet last year.   The participating tracks’ 1st, 10 th and 12 th place points finishers who qualified for their posted VP awards will be receiving their certificates by mail just in time to acquire the new ‘D’ fuels for the new season,” said Kelly.

Questions about the spec fuel program can be directed to VP’s Jim Kelly at 302.368.1500; VP Tech’s Fred Turza at 302.521.1767; World Racing Group’s Joe Skotnicki at 704-796-4566; or DIRTCar Northeast’s Bob Dini at 845.358.5049.