TAZEWELL, TN (JULY 24, 2010) The Southern National Series Championship, hosted in Tennessee at the Tazewell Speedway was chock full of racers eager and hungry for a win. Jonathan Davenport, not starting at the pole, worked his way through the ranks to take his well-deserved checkered flag. His car, powered with VP’s Late Model Plus, operated as flawless as his driving did Saturday evening.
The race started off with Chris Madden and Billy Ogle Jr. on the front row. As they entered turn one Madden crept ahead of Ogle and claimed his stake for first. Over next few laps a separate battle between Ogle and Davenport arose. Ogle slide back to third, but continued to pressure Davenport for his secondary position. No such luck. Davenport held his line and kept Ogle in his dust trail.
Lap 12 brought a caution flag and lined up the competitive field for a restart. Madden took authority again and stayed on his beloved high side. He continued to keep the field at his back until lap 42. Davenport snatched the point from Madden in lap traffic and stayed ahead until the last two laps. The last two laps were as exciting as any race ever seen at the Taz as Madden and Davenport traded the point several times in the final two laps.

As the flag dropped, Davenport rejoiced over his championship victory and a $5,300 check. Madden took second and Ogle third. Fans got exactly what they were looking for: another fierce battle on the dirt!