LOS ANGELES, CA (JULY 29, 2010) Travis Pastrana won his first motocross event of the 2010 X Games yesterday evening; his last win being four years ago. An injured Pastrana brought his A-game to the dirt and saved his best tricks for the victory lap. The VP sponsored rider and rally racer didn't even need his final run in Moto X Freestyle after Levi Sherwood tried to catch up in round 3, but failed.

With no score being recorded, Pastrana did a one-handed wallride and put a cherry on top with his famous double back flip, the trick that made him a revolutionist.

"That was for the fans," was all that an ecstatic Pastrana could say after last night’s showcase.

Pastrana had hung up his freestyle helmet and began dedicating his time to rally car racing after landing the double back in 2006, but a smart-alecky Blake Williams called Pastrana an "old man" and made a five-dollar bet on Nitro Circus (MTV Show) regarding who would win at X Games.

Williams, Moto X Freestyle’s defending champ, couldn’t finish the competition due to an unhealed collarbone fracture. Many were skeptical about Pastrana’s preparedness seeing as how little practice time was allotted and he was suffering from collarbone problems himself.

"This wasn't the one I expected to win," Pastrana said.

Pastrana now has 10 X-Games gold medals under his belt with three more events to go. Check out VP’s wide line of high performance motorcycle and rally car fuels today!