SAN ANTONIO, TX (SEPTEMBER 9, 2010) “Win on Sunday, Mow on Monday.” VP Racing Fuels has put a unique spin on the old racing industry mantra with its introduction of SEF 94 Small Engine Fuel,  designed to combat ethanol-related problems in chain saws, generators, leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other portable gasoline-powered equipment. Now, in addition to 5-gallon pails, ethanol-free SEF94 is available in convenient quart-size containers in three versions—an unleaded gasoline for 4-cycle engines and two versions pre-mixed with oil (40:1 and 50:1) for 2-cycles—to meet virtually any manufacturers’ specifications. Each is “ready-to-use,” with the 2-cycle Pre-Mix versions requiring no measuring, mixing or mess—just pour it in! 

Recognized throughout the motorsports industry for innovation in race fuel technology, VP was approached by several Fire and Rescue units which were experiencing problems with hard starts and breakdowns of chain saws, generators and other emergency equipment, according to Steve Burns, VP’s President and CEO. “In these units were several people involved in racing who were aware of VP’s ability to formulate custom fuel blends, so they sought our help. After researching the problem, we confirmed that street gas containing ethanol was the culprit.”

As a solvent, ethanol frees up the gunk in fuel tanks and engines that can clog carburetors and fuel lines. The size of a small engine exaggerates this effect, as smaller fuel lines and smaller components are more quickly compromised by these deposits.  When equipment is stored for lengthy periods, e.g., lawnmowers during winter or snowblowers during summer, the ethanol absorbs moisture and separates from the gasoline yielding insufficient lubrication for the engine, while also degrading rubber fuel lines and plastic components in the fuel system. 

“The net result is hard starts or no start, often requiring expensive rebuilds or replacement,” Burns said. “And the problem is only going to get worse, as the EPA considers increasing the ethanol allowed in street gas from 10% to 15%. Many people try to address this issue with fuel stabilizers but they’re inadequate.”

“Our new SEF94 Small Engine Fuel contains no ethanol,” Burns explained, “making it a much more dependable and cost effective solution. Unlike fuel stabilizers that can’t fix all the problems related to ethanol, SEF94 prevents ethanol-related problems in the first place. SEF94 contains other additives with unique properties that make it an excellent long-term storage fuel, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits idle for many months.” 

So isn’t this a little off base for a company that formulates fuels for the most sophisticated race engines in the world? Not at all, according to Burns. “Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to custom formulate fuels for any racing application, from dragsters and stock cars to motorcycles and jet skis. Scaled up, portable gas-powered tools are equivalent to the most sophisticated racing engines. And just as we believe that every racing application merits a fuel specifically engineered to optimize its performance, SEF94 has been engineered specifically to optimize performance in small engines.”

“SEF94 is the most dependable fuel on the market to help ensure small engines will start when needed,” Burns concluded. “Homeowners, landscapers, outdoorsmen, farmers, construction crews, emergency workers and many others know what it’s like to deal with a tool that won’t work when needed and the inconvenience of costly rebuilds. With SEF94, that frustration will be a thing of the past.”

The 4-cycle version of SEF94 can also be used in 2-cycle engines when mixed with oil to manufacturer’s specifications. SEF94 is not a street legal fuel and may not be used in motor vehicles.

SEF94 is available from VP direct and VP dealers throughout the U.S. For more information or to find the nearest dealer or distributor, contact VP toll-free at 877-515-1SEF, email SEF94@vpracingfuels.com or visit SEFfuels.com.