MOSELEY, VA (NOVEMBER 16, 2010) Last month at the Texas Motorplex, Chris Patrick did the unthinkable. In a 1941 Willy’s, he propelled the behemoth to complete an eighth mile in 3.93 seconds at 189.76 miles per hour. OTG Racing owner Brian Shaw was ecstatic as he saw the times flash across the boards at the end of the track. He now owned the quickest and fastest nitrous-oxide-boosted 1941 Willy’s on the planet running on VP’s reliable and powerful blend of C23.

“It may have only qualified us 14th, but just qualifying felt like a victory itself,” Shaw said from his Moseley, Virginia, race shop, referring to the 16-car Pro Nitrous field for the American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL’s) World Finals. “I mean, we’re out there racing against a bunch of super-slick Camaros and Corvettes, so just to get a big, old body like the Willys going that fast feels pretty good.”

“I always knew the car was capable, but it’s important to have a skilled driver like Chris to get the job done,” Shaw said. “And we’ve got a great group of guys working on the car who come from all over the country; California, Arizona, Georgia, and of course Virginia, who labor on it and deserve a lot of credit for their dedication and hard work.

“I may pay for most things and Chris gets the lion’s share of attention at the track, but I think it’s important to emphasize that this isn’t the Brian Shaw show; it’s not the Chris Patrick show; this is a racing team where we all support each other and do our best to all pull in the same direction.

“It also really helps to have good friends like Gene Fulton and Pat Bennett and Jim Halsey to bounce ideas off of at the track,” he added. “Their knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to setting up and running a car like this.”   

Shaw and Patrick will continue to run the record-setting Willy’s during ADRL’s 2011 season. The first race will kick of in March at the Houston World Finals that got postponed due to rain. The OTG team is confident that they can get their car into the 3.80s with the right conditions and an abundance of VP C23 fuel!