SAN ANTONIO, TX (FEBRUARY 17, 2011) VP Racing Fuels, known for making more power not just on the dyno but where it counts – on the race track – today announced the release of “DRT” fuel for oval track racers.

For more than 35 years, VP fuels have won poles, races and championships by producing more horsepower and more torque at cooler operating temperatures in all forms of dirt and asphalt oval track racing. “The new DRT fuel is a perfect complement to our Late Model Plus fuel,” reports Jim Kelly, VP’s Corporate Director-Sales & Marketing. “When we first developed fuels for Late Models, we were tasked with making something better than what was available in other brands. So we found more power. But because these engines will build heat lap after lap, engine builders and racers asked if we could help there too. The technology in our ‘C’ fuels, like cool and clean running C12, was engineered into Late Model Plus and it’s become the standard for Late Model racing, fueling champions like Steve Francis, Darrell Lanigan, Tim McCreadie and many others.”

Never known to sit still, the chemists at VP have now developed a new formula to satisfy the demands of racers and engine builders who want more performance for their dollar. The new DRT fuel provides 8-10 HP more than other Late Model fuels on the market while maintaining the cool temps that are critical to engine longevity.

“If you’ve been running our Late Model Plus or one of the other brands on the market, we suggest you richen the jet and then go set some track records,” suggests Freddie Turza, Oval Track Tech Specialist for VP. “Anyone can make power in the dyno room, but once you get it to the track, track conditions put even higher demands on the fuel, and you’re left scratching your head. And what really counts is what happens at the track. You may not be able to run the tune somebody used to make power on a few dyno pulls, so don’t let promises of big HP gains in advertisements fool you. With VP, our slogan is ‘Makin’ Power’ and for 35 years we’ve fueled, among other things, the fastest accelerating cars on race gas in the United States –NHRA Pro Stocks. Drag and oval track fuel technology cross over quite often so we expect to continue fueling the fastest Late Models in the country this year with either Late Model Plus or new DRT.”

Race engines are a huge investment. We understand that and never cut corners to meet a price point. To protect your investment and get the performance you demand, VP products have proven extremely reliable. “We don’t pay big name drivers a base salary to run our decals like some companies may,” said Kelly. “We just offer engine builders and race teams the chance to make good power and run cooler, using VP fuels that are consistent gallon after gallon, drum after drum, and available from an extensive dealer network across the U.S. and Canada.”

 For more information about DRT and VP’s complete line of oval track, drag race and motorcycle fuels visit vpracingfuels.com.


Jim Kelly: 302-368-1500; jimkelly@vpracingfuels.com
Freddie Turza: 302-521-1767; fturza@vpracingfuels.com
Steve Scheidker: 210-635-7744: steves@vpracingfuels.com