ENSENADA, MEXICO (JUNE 6, 2011) Menzies Motorsports endured 6 months of planning and logistics to get to the starting line of the Baja 500 in Ensenada, Mexico this past Saturday.   The Menzies team, fueled by VP Racing Fuels, knew that they would be going up against some of the most grueling terrain found nowhere but in the desert of Baja.

Bryce Menzies finished 6 th overall in the SCORE San Felipe 250 which put him in the draw for the top 12 starting positions at the 500. Just weeks before racing all 12 drivers waited in anticipation to find out where they would be starting. Phones and emails started chiming when it was released that the young driver, Bryce Menzies, would be starting first in the 43 rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500. With this great news the team went into overdrive and did everything in their power to make sure that they were completely prepared for this race.

After numerous trips to Mexico and back for pre-running, double and triple checking their pit spots, looking over the Trophy Truck and meeting with their team and volunteers, Bryce and Co-Driver Pete Mortensen met race day.

The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean filled the air as locals and tourists filled the town of Ensenada early Saturday morning to line the course and witness over 250 competitors take off in to the desert. Bryce and Pete in the #70 Trophy Truck were the first 4-wheel vehicle off the line at 10am.

With limited prerunning at the start, Pete had to be sure to guide Bryce out of Ensenada without error. The Menzies team made their way into the vast, dry desert where they spent 8 hours navigating their way through what was said to be the toughest Baja 500 course in history.

Still leading after race mile 175, the truck pulled into its first fuel pit where the crew was ready with drums full of VP Late Model Plus. Excited to be leading but knowing anything could happen, the Menzies pair got back on the trail with 300 miles still ahead of them. As Pete’s voice echoed on the radios calling out mile markers, excitement built in the crewmembers after half of the course was behind them.

The last fuel pit came quickly and in less than a minute the boys had another tank full of Late Model Plus and some fresh tires for the finishing stretch. As Bryce made his way back towards Ensenada, he knew that the closest competitor was over 10 minutes behind him, so all he had to do was avoid catastrophe.

As the sun started to set, the #70 Trophy Truck was just miles away from the finish where fans ran to greet them. Bryce and Pete made their way back through Ensenada retracing their steps from 9 hours earlier. Steve Menzies waited at the finish where the sound of the Kroyer Racing engine vibrated through the cities infamous buildings and made the last turn to see the finish line. The checkered flag took to the sky and Bryce Menzies was the first Trophy Truck to finish the 2011 Baja 500.

After taking a moment to let it sink in, Bryce and Pete emerged from the dust-covered truck to let out a sigh of relief and relish in the moment of their first Baja victory.

“I started first and I never looked back which was my goal going into this” Said #70 Driver Bryce Menzies. “It feels great to win in my second Baja 500 and I know I couldn’t have done it without my team and the drive they have to see me succeed.”