ABRAMS, WI (JULY 11, 2011) The Off Road Championship (TORC) Series Sportsman class raced in Antigo, WI this past weekend for rounds 5 and 6. CJ Greaves, the defending Super Buggy Champion, was looking to improve on his second place finish and did so with VP’s C12 racing fuel. He squeezed out another second place podium spot on Saturday and hit the top spot on Sunday for his first win of the season. The points gap was narrowed between Greaves and front runner, Larry Job, to a 1 point margin.

In the Sunday race, CJ and Job started on the back row due to an inversion based on points. CJ drove his number 33 buggy through the field along with Job to the front in just a couple laps. They tandem caught John Frana, who had started from the pole position. At the competition caution, it was Frana, Job and CJ leading the pack. As the three racers pulled away from the field by a sizable margin, Frana lost a wheel that took him out of the competition. CJ tried to no avail to pass Job and settled for the runner-up podium position.

Sunday's race featured a repeat performance of the Saturday race. CJ and Job, starting from the back once again, went straight to the front when the green flag flew. This time, it was Job who was in the lead following the competition caution. Frana and CJ battled back and forth for the number 2 position hoping that Job would make a mistake, granting them a chance to take the lead. The opportunity came when Job over rotated his machine and broke something in his transmission. Frana, in second, and CJ in third at the time, passed Job who continued to fall back, all the way to the fifth spot.

With only 2 laps remaining in the race, John Frana, driving the only 4-wheel drive vehicle on the track, blew his motor, taking him out of the race for the second time that weekend. Frana's bad luck turned into CJ's good luck as it sent him to the top of the podium for his first win of the season.

CJ’s next race will be at Bark River, MI on August 13th and 14th. To learn more about C12 and other off-road racing fuels, CLICK HERE.