The pink Motorsport Containers introduced by VP Racing Fuels in October struck a chord with many fans and customers who joined the fight against breast cancer.   To date, the pink containers have netted nearly $5,000 in donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, including donations from sales of the containers as well as proceeds from auctions of two autographed containers—one by NHRA drivers and another autographed by American Le Mans drivers.  

VP also announced the pink containers have been made a regular stock item and donations to the foundation will continue with each sale.   “Our original intent was to offer the containers as a “Special Edition” only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but due to their popularity we decided to extend production and maximize the related contributions,” said Alan Cerwick, President of VP Racing Fuels.   “Going forward, we’ll donate $2.50 to the Prevent Cancer Foundation with each sale of a pink container, while during Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’ll double that to $5 per container as we did this year.”

VP appreciates the support of its customers and fans, the NHRA and American Le Mans Series for their support of our pink Motorsport Container program.   The pink containers can be ordered online at VPRacingFuels.com.   For more information, contact the nearest regional VP distribution center listed online at http://www.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html.   For more information regarding the Prevent Cancer Foundation, visit preventcancer.org .