Product Benefits:
  • Rapidly dissolves dirt and mud
  • Removes tough stains other cleaners leave behind
  • Won't streak or spot
  • Removes exhaust residue & stains other cleaners leave behind

Specifically formulated for dirtbikes, ATVs, mountain bikes, BMX, utility vehicles, and MUCH MORE!

Specifically formulated for all R/C vehicles including: off-road buggies, trucks, helicopters, planes, on-road cars and MUCH MORE!

VP Racing Fuels ® powers your investment, now keep it clean 'n pristine with NEW! VP PowerWash™

The newest product in VP’s Consumer Products portfolio is PowerWash™, a powerful cleaner specifically formulated for the unique demands of powersports, R/C hobby and other applications.   The concentrated dual-action detergent in VP PowerWash rapidly dissolves caked up dirt and mud, suspends and floats away dirt and grease, without leaving streaks or spots.  

VP PowerWash is available in three formulas – “Moto,” “R/C” and “Super Concentrated.”   Moto Formula is designed for powersports applications such as dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs, as well as bicycles, including road, mountain and BMX.   The “R/C” Formula uses a less concentrated blend for R/C vehicles of all types, both in 32 oz. spray bottles.   The “Super Concentrated” Formula is packaged in gallons and can be used alone for extremely dirty, muddy and/or large applications such as off-road vehicles or dirt track cars, as well as to refill Moto or R/C spray bottles when diluted with water.


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