The momentum of VP’s Brand Program continued to grow with the addition of three new partners including Petromark, Inc., Western States Petroleum and Nebraska Iowa Supply, Inc.  Our retail program continues to resonate with forward-looking distributors who see its game-changing features as the most effective response to the changes currently overtaking the industry.  The savings offered by unbranded supply and lower credit card processing fees coupled with new revenue from VP-branded products have proven compelling to these distributors, along with the opportunity to stand out with the VP Racing Fuels brand and its Mad Scientist icon.

Petromark, Inc. is based in Harrison, Arkansas and services nearly 220 retail and wholesale sites across Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee.  In partnering with VP, co-owner Steve Turner “focused on VP’s image, very favorable credit card processing program and incremental revenue from other VP-branded products” in an effort to “provide our independent sites the resources to compete in a changing marketplace.”

"A world class brand without the ‘branded’ fuel prices” was how Steve Tolboe, Sales Manager forf Western States Petroleum, described a benefit of VP’s brand program, along with “savings of hundreds of dollars a month” per site from VP’s credit card program.  WSP also has distributed VP’s race fuel products for nearly a decade and looks forward to the opportunity to sell VP Racing Fuels and its other performance products at branded c-store locations.  

We look forward to growing with these new partners and working together to rock the industry!

For more information about VP’s branding program, contact:

Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or

Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster - 210-784-6708 or

South Central/West
Bryan Noonen - 210-289-6000 or