VP Racing Fuels’ branding program puts you in control with a program that major brands can’t follow or imitate.

  ● Substantial reductions in credit card and fuel expense
       •   Lowest credit card processing fees in the industry
             (Visa/Mastercard Cost + $.015)
       •   Buy fuel at low rack every day for higher margins –
             VP can help with sourcing
  ● New revenue streams with VP-branded performance products
      for more profit
  ● Simplicity, flexibility, transparency and profitability you
won’t find
      with major brands
  ● Unparalleled marketing support through VP’s widespread
      in motorsports
  ● A unique, professional image with a youthful “edgy” attitude

  ● A stable brand which, unlike many refiners, has a long-term commitment
      to both racing and retail gasoline sales

But don’t just take our word for it. Click below to see what CSP Magazine had to say:

Click on the link below and ask yourself why not a single Major Brand is among the Top 50 most competitive brands in the U.S. – and where that leaves you if you’re tied to a Major Brand.

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