VP’s new traction compound designed specifically for asphalt oval tracks offers not only new revenue for VP distributors, but a better “show” for tracks to attract more racers, more fans and improve gate receipts…

“Two-Groove™”, a new traction compound specifically designed for asphalt oval tracks, was developed in response to longstanding problems experienced by many oval tracks across the country: single groove, ‘follow-the-leader’ style racing.  Two-Groove allows cars to run higher on the track, providing a second and sometimes a third groove,  which leads to more exciting, side-by-side racing.   This in turn will attract more fans and more race cars.   So not only is Two-Groove a potential new revenue stream for VP distributors, it can also contribute to making the race industry healthier economically.

Track officials at Stafford Speedway tested Two-Groove with their open wheel modified class and were pleased with the results. “There’s no question it improved the outside groove,” said Mark Arute, President of the Stafford Springs, CT track. “Drivers were clearly more comfortable going to the outside, which led to more competitive, side-by-side racing.”

Two-Groove also passed the test from a driver’s perspective. “It definitely works…I’ve raced on it three times now and it made the track very fast,” said Ted Christopher, multi-time Whelen Modified Series and Stafford Speedway track champion. “It brought the outside groove up with better grip. As a driver, you can feel more confident that if you put your car out there, it’s going to stick.”

In addition to Stafford Speedway, VP’s Two-Groove traction compound has been widely used at Thunder Road, Oxford, Beech Ridge and Lee Speedways in New England, as well as on the ACT Castrol Series tour in Canada.

Two-Groove is readily available through VP’s extensive network of dealers, which can be found online at http://www.vpracingfuels.com/vp-racing-dealers.html

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