While VP Vintage Leaded & Unleaded are perfect for storage, it's on the track where their true character shines.  At 96 and 98 octane, respectively, both offer extra protection against detonation while offering substantial increases in horsepower and torque compared to pump gas.

Don't Risk Damaging Fuel Systems with Pump Gas

You've invested money, time and passion in your vintage ride.  The last thing you should do is feed it ethanol-blended pump gas.  Ethanol attracts moisture, leaves deposits and corrodes plastic and rubber parts while in storage, leaving you with hard starts or expensive repairs.

A Pail of Prevention is Worth a Drum of Cure

VP Vintage ™ Leaded & Unleaded are ethanol-free, so they prevent ethanol-related problems, ensuring your fuel system won't be compromised.  Each is formulated to remain stable at least two years, i.e., longer than any standard off-season storage interval you're likely to encounter.  That means they'll be ready to fire at the first twist of a key, saving your engine the abuse associated with prolonged cranking.  For classic vehicles that relied on lead for protection, VP Vintage Leaded also ensures those engines will get the lubrication they need.

VP Vintage Leaded and Unleaded are for off-road use only, and are not legal for use on the street.

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