NEW! X16™
The perfect blend of performance and economy, VP's X16 was designed for naturally aspirated engines and is an economically priced option for two and four-stroke engines with compression ratios of up to 16:1 and for engines using nitrous up to 300 HP.  X16 offers the power and protection of leading 116 octane racing fuels for a lower price and is an ideal fuel for a wide array of motorsports applications.

•    Color: Red
•    Motor Octane 114
•    Research Octane: 118
•    R+M/2: 116
•    Specific Gravity: .710 at 60° F

Not your "standard" 110! Highest rated MON of any 110 fuel on the market. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 12:1-13:1. Good lower cost alternative.
•    Color: Purple
•    Motor Octane 107
•    Research Octane: 113
•    R+M/2: 110
•    Specific Gravity: .720-.735 at 60° F

The best all around racing fuel made. Recommended for CRs below 15:1, satisfying the needs of 75% of today's race engines. One of the winningest fuels in racing history, including NHRA, Modified Tour, GNN, D.I.R.T., Indy Lights, AMA as well as other local and national championships across the U.S. and around the world. Spec fuel for NMRA and NMCA.

•    Color: Green
•    Motor Octane 108
•    Specific Gravity: .717 at 60

Recommended for naturally aspirated engines operating at over 8000 RPMs with CRs of 14:1 and higher. Spec fuel for NHRA Comp Eliminator, NMRA and NMCA.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane 114
•    Specific Gravity: .696 at 60° F

Used in turbocharged engines, blown engines and nitrous applications with CRs up to 17:1. Recommended by the top nitrous oxide companies. Spec Fuel for NHRA Comp Eliminator.

•    Color: Blue
•    Motor Octane 117
•    Specific Gravity: .735 at 60° F

Recommended for ultimate performance in nitrous oxide applications with CRs up to 18:1. Used in ADRL, Sport Compact, and large 800 CI IHRA-style drag race engines.

•    Color: Blue
•    Motor Octane: 120+
•    Specific Gravity: .713 at 60° F

NEW! C45™
An oxygenated blend designed strictly for naturally aspirated engines.  C45 offers the best performance in naturally aspirated drag race engines on the planet, outperforming even VP’s Q16!   When tuned properly, C45 will handle up to 16:1 compression.  With its 100 motor octane rating, pulling a couple degrees of timing upon first test/tune is recommended.  C45 requires approximately 4 to 6 percent more fuel than VP’s Q16 so a purpose-built carburetor will most likely be required.

•    Color: Red
•    Motor Octane 100
•    Research Octane: 106
•    Specific Gravity: .738 at 60° F

Offering substantial power gains at a competitive price, VP113 is oxygenated to street gas levels. Formulated for naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 14:1. VP113 makes up to 2% more power than competitive 110 octane fuels, with gains of 3-4% in engine applications with poor or marginal fuel vaporization qualities. Its oxygenation also yields a higher effective octane rating and greater protection against detonation.  May require a tuning change, including increase in jet size, for optimum performance.

•    Color: Green
•    Motor Octane 109
•    Research Octane: 118
•    R+M/2: 113
•    Specific Gravity: .718 at 60° F

Q16 will work well in any drag racing application -- naturally aspirated, nitrous or blowers. Q16 is highly oxygenated, requiring a 4-6% increase in fuel flow, which will make 3-5% more power than competitive 116 octane fuels. Q16's oxygenation will significantly expand the range of air/fuel ratio acceptability, so performance will be more consistent and won't vary as dramatically with altitude or density changes. For bracket racers, variations in ET from run to run will be substantially reduced. This added fuel flow also effectively increases its octane by 6-8 numbers above its standard ASTM octane rating.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane 116
•    Research Octane: 120+
•    Specific Gravity: .716 at 60° F

If you’re committed to using E85 type fuels, C85 is by far your best choice. Conventional E85 fuels are notoriously inconsistent, requiring up to a two-jet swing in tuning from one batch of E85 to the next. By contrast, C85 is blended with a consistent proportion of ethanol and every other component in every drum. In addition to taking all the guesswork out of tuning, C85 makes up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85. With higher quality pure components, C85 is superior to E85 in terms of cooling effect, resistance to detonation and even includes corrosion inhibitors to fight the issues presented by ethanol. C85 works well in drag racing, oval track, off road and virtually any other automotive application, in particular forced induction applications due to its lower vapor pressure. Tests of C85 indicate most applications will require richening up by 1 jet size, or 2-3% over current jetting. Note that for racers unwilling to invest in the new carb and expensive fuel system upgrade required for E85, VP’s MS109, VP113 and Q16 continue to be the best race gas alternatives for the money.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane: 90

•    R+M/2: 98
•    Specific Gravity: .793 @ 60°F

VP Unleaded Extreme can be used in high boost or naturally aspirated applications, or mixed with other unleaded fuels to increase performance and octane. It can handle compression ratios up to 15:1 and with a MON of 110, its detonation protection far surpasses all other unleaded fuels on the market. Whether you mix it or run it straight, this is the best unleaded fuel on the planet!
•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane: 110
•    Research Octane: 111
•    R+M/2: 110.5
•    Specific Gravity: 0.845 

NEW! VP101
Oxygenated with ethanol, VP101 has the highest octane rating of any street legal fuel on the market while meeting both Arizona and California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements.  VP101 was engineered for high-performance street cars including sport compacts, muscle cars, street rods and more. It's environmentally friendly and street legal throughout the U.S. In applications with anything from 4- to 12-cyclinders or engines equipped with a turbocharger, supercharger or nitrous oxide system (NOS), VP101 will generate optimum power and performance. In turbocharged or supercharged applications, it allows an increase in boost without fear of detonation. NOS users can also leverage their higher octane ratings to step up to a more powerful nitrous oxide system. Dyno tests with a turbocharged application proved VP101 generates up to 14% more horsepower compared to premium grade 91 octane unleaded gasoline. Designed for use in cast-iron head engines with CRs up to 13:1 and aluminum head engines up to 14:1. Works well on the latest generation of electronically-controlled turbo engines. Contains no metal compounds and won't harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

•    Color: Orange
•    Motor Octane 97
•    R+M/2: 101
•    Specific Gravity: .713 at 60° F

MotorSport 109™
In engines that can run on pump gas, MS109 is a direct replacement that produces more power than any other unleaded fuel - up to 5% more than premium unleaded.  Recommended for applications with up to 25 lbs of boost and naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to 15:1.  Compared to other unleaded fuels, MS109 offers better detonation protection as well.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 101
•    Research Octane: 109
•    R+M/2: 105
•    Specific Gravity: .722 at 60° F 

Developed for European drag race high performance engines. This oxygenated product makes big HP and torque gains on and off the track. Spec fuel for European Pro Stock drag racing.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 98

(Available in 5-gallon pails and 54-gallon drums)

M1 Racing Methanol has a 99.95% minimum purity - the highest purity available in the U.S. With M1, engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion. VP uses only lined drums which prohibit rust, corrosion and metal deposits that can contaminate fuel delivery systems. Recommended for all methanol-legal racing applications.

Like M1, M3 starts with methanol of the highest purity, but includes lubrication and combustion additives for an extra boost. M3 offers a wider range of jetting options, making jetting easier and more consistent. For bracket racers, variations in ET from run to run will be substantially reduced. With better tuning and cleaner, more efficient combustion, M3 makes more power and yields better throttle response than any standard methanol on the market. M3's improved combustion also reduces the noxious fumes associated with methanol fuels, so it's much easier on the eyes and nose. For 60-70% of methanol applications, M3 won't require jetting or timing changes-just pour it in and get an immediate performance improvement in all areas. In the other 30-40%, M3's added vaporization may actually hurt volumetric efficiency and performance, which is what lead to the development of M5. M3 is not pure methanol and won't pass a water test.

M5 is simply the best performing methanol on the market. With its upgraded combustion additives, M5 will make more power than M3, i.e., 5-7% more power than standard methanol, while offering the same or better protection against detonation. Like M3, M5's improved vaporization offers a wider acceptable range of air/fuel ratios and tuning. It also yields faster combustion speeds which lead to closer EGT's from cylinder to cylinder, providing more consistent performance from run to run. M5 is not pure methanol and won't pass a water test.

VP Vintage™
For older vehicles that relied on lead for engine protection, VP Vintage is a leaded fuel with an octane rating of 98 (R+M/2) that contains no ethanol and offers extra protection against detonation. With a shelf life of up to two years in its original sealed container, VP Vintage offers worry-free storage of cars that sit for extended periods and improved performance when the cars are taken to the track.

•    Color: Light Blue
•    Motor Octane 96
•    Specific Gravity: .715 at 60° F

MotorSport 105L™
Formulated for stock applications with CRs below 11:1, e.g., Stock Eliminator type racing engines. Offers the benefits and octane of a leaded fuel at a lower cost than more exotic race fuels.

•    Color: Orange
•    Motor Octane 101
•    Specific Gravity: .745-.760 at 60° F

Recommended for CRs up to 12:1 with restrictor plates and standard flow heads. With unrestricted heads and manifolds and carburetors, C11 works very well to 11:1. Anticipate significant HP and torque increases. Used in NHRA Stock and Super Stock.

•    Color: Orange or Purple
•    Motor Octane: 104
•    Specific Gravity: .710 at 60° F

VP Sportsman™
A good quality, cost effective solution for many bracket racers with somewhat lower octane requirements, VP Sportsman will offer more power and better detonation protection than “standard” 110 octane fuels, for a comparable price.

•    Color: Light Blue
•    Motor Octane 107
•    Specific Gravity: .720-.735 at 60° F

C14 Plus™
Recommended for high RPM engines with ultra high CRs over 14:1 when additional octane is required for better detonation protection, while maintaining the same burn rate and specific gravity of C14.  Spec fuel for NMRA and NMCA.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 115
•    Specific Gravity: .696 at 60°

Used in large (500 CI or greater) normally aspirated engines with ultra high CRs of 14:1 or greater. Can also be used in smaller nitrous systems. Very consistent fuel - excellent for bracket racing.

•    Color: Green
•    Motor Octane 115
•    Specific Gravity: .713 at 60° F

Recommended for fogger or three-stage nitrous oxide applications with CRs up to 18:1. Higher octane and lower specific gravity than most nitrous fuels. May require enriching fuel mixture more than would be required for C16.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 120+
•    Specific Gravity: .699 at 60° F

Used in high RPM, normally aspirated drag race applications with CRs up to 17:1. Spec fuel for NHRA Comp Eliminator classes.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane 116
•    Specific Gravity: .695 at 60° F

Recommended for CRs up to 16:1. Spec fuel for NHRA Pro Stock, Pro Stock Bike and Competition Eliminator. Also performs well in NHRA Stock and Super Stock applications.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane 113
•    Specific Gravity: .695 at 60° F

VP Import™
Maximum power and torque in small displacement, high RPM, all motor, turbocharged or nitrous sport compact applications. Makes 5% more power than C16 and similar nonoxygenated fuels. Works well under high temperatures due to mechanical heat.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 120+
•    Specific Gravity: .744 at 60° F

The best non-oxygenated unleaded racing gasoline on the market. C10 does not contain any metal compounds and will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Used by national champions in SCCA and IMSA stock classes.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane 96
•    Research Octane: 104
•    R+M/2: 100

NEW! C20™
Unleaded and non-oxygenated, C20 is an improvement on VP’s popular C10  race fuel with increased power and torque, along with a significantly higher octane rating of 103 (R+M/2) for better detonation protection. It can handle 30 lbs of boost and compression ratios up to 12:1, plus its RVP is higher for better vaporization in naturally aspirated engines.

•    Color: Clear
•    Motor Octane: 99 

•    Research Octane: 107 
•    R+M/2: 103

MotorSport 109E™
MS109E is designed for the same applications as Motorsport 109, offering the same substantial power increases and protection against detonation. Oxygenated with ethanol, MS109E can be used in all 50 states, including those that restrict the use of MTBE in fuels.

•    Color: Yellow
•    Motor Octane: 99
•    Specific Gravity: .805 at 60° F

Used in FIA regulation motorsports. Specifically formulated and designed for maximum power and consistent, clean burning performance.

•    Color: Red
•    Motor Octane: 90
•    Research Octane: 101

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Many of the chemicals VP Racing Fuels sells and distributes are considered hazardous as defined by the U.S. Department of  Transportation. Compliance with the regulations of DOT 49 CFR §§100-185 is required when shipping or transporting these chemicals, including marking, labeling, placarding, appropriate shipping papers, and training.

Use of Race Fuel in California
In California (as in other states), leaded and unleaded racing fuel is legal for use only in racing vehicles, not on a public highway. The only fuel sold by VP Racing Fuels which is legal for street use or non-competition uses in the State of California is Streetblaze 100 ethanol enriched Phase III gasoline. With that one exception, all of VP’s racing fuels are only legal for use in a competition vehicle not used on public highways. The racing fuels may not be used for recreational offroading or other non-competition uses.

VP Racing Fuels, Inc. is committed to being a good corporate citizen in its worldwide operations, being environmentally responsible, and obeying all applicable laws and regulations. VP encourages our distributors, dealers and customers to also be good citizens and obey applicable laws and regulations in the sale and use of VP products. 

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