The effects of Hurricane Sandy last October were devastating for residents and businesses in the Northeast U.S.   The storm not only destroyed thousands of homes, but also made it very difficult to get badly needed fuel into the affected areas. As hard as the gasoline shortage was on motorists, it was equally problematic for those using outdoor power equipment in storm recovery efforts. With thousands of generators and chain saws running virtually 24/7, VP Racing Fuels, Inc. was there to help relieve the fuel shortage.

First, upon getting word of the storm VP’s staff at its San Antonio headquarters worked feverishly to expedite production of extra supplies of VP Small Engine Fuel for shipment to VP’s distribution center in Newark, Delaware, on the outskirts of Philadelphia.   VP’s Delaware staff then contacted dealers and other customers to identify the areas in greatest need and began shipping quarts and 5-gallon pails of VP-SEF throughout the New Jersey and New York City/Long Island area.  In the end, this fuel relieved some of the demand for pump gas by consumers and emergency crews using outdoor power equipment and also served to keep that equipment running, which facilitated rescue and recovery efforts.

The benefits of VP Small Engine Fuel for daily use and storage of 2-cycle and 4-cycle equipment are well documented, as it prevents fuel system damage caused by street gas containing ethanol.   “But the lesson learned during the storm was how critical VP-SEF became in rescue and recovery efforts,” said Kelly. “The 5-gallon pails are easy to transport in emergency situations and easy for crews to carry into the field to ensure their gas-powered work can continue uninterrupted.”

Convenience store operators who participate in the VP-SEF “Fuel Cage” program will be ahead of the game in future emergency situations, with 5-gallon pails easily accessible by affected consumers and businesses.  “In normal times, the 5-gallon pails appeal to high volume fuel customers such as lawn care and tree service companies, but in emergencies like Hurricane Sandy, it can literally help save lives and property,” Kelly said.

For more information or to order, contact the nearest regional VP distribution center listed online at  http://www.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html