VP Power 4-pack with microfiber cloth

Product Description

Whiles supplies last.

VP Power appearance 4-pack includes one spray bottle of each of VP’s  four VP Power Appearance Products plus a bonus microfiber cloth.

VP Power Clean
Cleans tires and wheels, dissolves bugs, brake dust and oily residue. Safe for interior surfaces.

VP Power Instant Detailer
Repels dust, dirt and oil, fluoropolymer formula, adds maximum gloss and shine, for paint, metal, glass and plastic, apply on wet or dry surfaces.

VP Power Leather and Interior Detailer
Restores and protects, no oily or slick residue, restores color in leather, vinyl and plastic, long-lasting UV protection, hides scratches.

VP Wax
Lasts 4-5 months, applies in 15 minutes or less, no buffing and no residue.


Download VP Power Clearn SDS

Download VP Power Instant Detailer SDS

Download VP Leather and Interior Detailer SDS

Download VP Power Wax