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StayWet track conditioner was developed through extensive R&D at dirt tracks of all types toprovide for better racing and a better fan experience.

Better Racing
•Improves track performance•Widens racing lines•Prevents holes & ruts•Improves soil adhesion

Better Fan Experience
•Improves visibility for fans and racers•Reduces dust-related breathing problems

StayWet enhances dirt’s ability to hold moisture longer while allowing water to penetrate moredeeply. It also enhances soil’s bonding properties providing for greater compaction. Thisreduces dust and in many cases eliminates it altogether.

Using special adhesion modifiers, StayWet improves grip on the track surface from bottom totop. Tracks using StayWet have sprayed or misted the high side to the middle and achievedsmooth surfaces and greater traction over a wider racing surface.

StayWet is a water based biodegradable material that is nontoxic and causes no harm toground water. By reducing dust, StayWet provides a better racing experience for fans anddrivers alike.

dust-deterrentDust DeterrentTM

VP Dust Deterrent is specially formulated for commercial applications to control dust and keepsoil packed to enhance the mobility of heavy equipment. It saves money, is easy to apply andimproves the working environment of any job site. Dust Deterrent works effectively on sand,gravel, loamy surfaces and all soil types.

Dust Deterrent penetrates soils, making the soil hydrophilic
requiring less water usage
• Draws moisture from the air, helping retain more moisture at the surface
• Beyond adding moisture, it ionizes the dirt surface for better compaction
• When applied slowly and evenly, serves for up to 24 hours with heavy vehicle traffic

Dust Deterrent reduces water volume and maintenance costs
• Up to 33% less water needed throughout the day
• Reduces level of dust that clogs filters, bearings and machinery
• Reduces the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property and job sites
• Non-corrosive – won’t harm metal parts
• Can be added to mist sprayers for rock quarries, coal, mica, kaolin and many others

Dust Deterrent is biodegradable and non-hazardous
• May reduce dust-related breathing and allergy problems• Mitigates impaired vision caused by dust

Fuel Testing
Hydrometers for testing gasoline, methanol and nitro.

Siphon Pumps
For use with VP fuel drums.

Electric Pumps & Flow MetersFor use with VP fuel drums.



VP PowerWash is a powerful cleaner specifically formulated for the unique demands ofpowersports, R/C hobby and other applications. The concentrated dual-action detergent in VPPowerWash rapidly dissolves caked up dirt and mud, suspends and floats away dirt and grease,without leaving streaks or spots.

(photos of PowerWash containers)

R/C Formula
Specifically formulated for all R/C vehicles including: off-road buggies, trucks, helicopters,planes, on-road cars and more!

Moto Formula
Specifically formulated for dirtbikes, ATVs, mountain bikes, BMX, utility vehicles and more!

Super Concentrate
Concentrated for extremely dirty, muddy and/or large applications such as off-road vehicles ordirt track cars, as well as to refill Moto or R/C spray bottles when diluted with water.

slr-5-gal-pailTraction Compound

VP’s Lane ChoiceTM Traction Compound System is the result of several years of intense anddetailed R&D. While other manufacturers of adhesives have been standing pat with 20-year oldtechnology, Lane Choice represents the most advanced technology in traction. VP’s systemincludes LC7, LC5 and Starting Line Resin (SLR), which work together to ensure your trackdelivers optimum performance in any weather conditions. VP’s top performing compound isLC7, which is effective across the widest range of temperatures of any compound on themarket. It delivers optimum performance with track temperatures from 30°-150° F.

LC5 is VP’s version of the original formula for the old “VHT” traction compound. It’s designed tobe cut with methanol so a track can tailor it to its needs. A track doesn’t have to change its prepprocedure when changing to LC5 from its previous traction compound. LC5 will deliver thesame or better performance at a much better price.

The number of tracks using VP’s system across the U.S. is growing each week for good reason—VP’s traction compounds are easier to apply than other compounds, they cost less and you’llget better performance!
More consistency – Because of its higher viscosity and overall toughness, Lane Choice tractioncompound performs much more consistently across a wider range of temperatures. Differencesin a car’s performance between daytime and night are substantially reduced, and Lane Choiceis unaffected by humidity.

Better out of groove performance – Cars can get out of the groove and still get down the trackwithout having to shut down.

Better starting line toughness – Tracks get fewer bald spots and they’re less severe. LaneChoice doesn’t ball up or roll over onto itself. As a result, cars routinely launch harder and tracksbecome faster.

Easier to apply – Lane Choice is packaged ready-to-spray. It requires no mixing, no mess andthere’s no need to remember mix ratios. It requires use of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealsin spray equipment and may be diluted with methanol.

More cost-effective – Lane Choice actually achieves better results than competing tractionproducts while requiring application of less compound and requires no purchase of methanol formixing.

Try the most advanced technology in traction today to see how it can improve your track!

NOTE: VP’s Traction Adhesive products cannot be sold online due to HAZMAT restrictions.They are available only through dealers and distributors.

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